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Owls in the Family by Farley Mowat




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Title Author Grade level

"Owls in the Family"

Farley Mowat    Grades 2-6


Chapter book


Summary of the story :
   In this story, Billy adopts two orphaned owls (Wol and Weeps). He also adopts other stray wild animals. Billy, his family, and his friend Bruce have to deal with the challenges of raising the owls, since they can no longer live in the wild. Billy and the owls cause plenty of problems for the family.





Design Challenges:
The Design Challenges or Problems:
  • The boys canít find owl eggs.

  • At first the owls donít trust Billy.

  • Wol was lonely until they found another owl

  • Wol and Weeps donít know how to fly.

  • Wol breaks open the cage.

  • Wol scares the mailman and minister.

  • Billy and his family are moving to the city and canít keep the owls.

Design a habitat for the Owls so they can live in their new home.  Wol can use his talons to break the chicken wire of his cage.



Prior knowledge:  During the lessons, students will read nonfiction books about Great Horned owls to find out the requirements for the enclosure.

Students explanation of their cage will have to include information about Great Horned owls.

As an extension, students could calculate the area and/or volume of the different enclosures.


  Prepared by  Bill Wolfson.  Copyright © 2011
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