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Island of the Skog by Steven Kellogg




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Title Author Grade level
 " Island of the Skog "   Steven Kellogg   K-2 grade


Picture Book


Summary of the story :

Jenny and her city-mouse friends take to the seas in search of a more peaceful place to live. But when they arrive at what first seems the island of their dreams, they have a giant problem to contend with: the island's only inhabitant, the skog. Judging by his enormous footprints, he seems a threat. What will the mice do?





Design Challenges:

The design challenge will be to construct a trap in order to catch the skog.


Extensions: - Write a letter to a family member explaining what happened on the island.

                    Writing: What do you think a skog looks like?  What is a skog?


  Prepared by  Bill Wolfson.  Copyright 2011-2013
Last Updated 01/27/2013