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Title Author Grade level
 The Carrot Seed  Ruth Krauss   3rd grade



Picture Book


Summary of the story :

The Carrot Seed is a 1945 children's book by Ruth Krauss. As of 2004, The Carrot Seed has been in print continuously since its first publication in 1945. It was illustrated by Krauss's husband, Crockett Johnson. At 101 words, it was one of the shortest picture book texts when it was published in 1945.

The book opens with the words: "A little boy planted a carrot seed. His mother said, 'I'm afraid it won't come up." Despite the skepticism of his parents and, particularly, his older brother, he persists and "pulled up the weeds around it every day and sprinkled the ground with water." The book concludes simply "And then, one day, a carrot came up just as the little boy had known it would." However, the singular carrot is so large that it fills a wheelbarrow. This is definitely a story of faith, but much of its charm, however, comes from its credibility as a simple story of something that could actually have happened with the added visual humor of the giant carrot.








Possible Design Challenges:
  •  Design a way to measure time against the expected time for the seed to germinate

  •  Design an experiment that would vary water, sunlight or temp. of the soil to see the effect on germination

  • Design a sprouting device for the carrot seed ( i.e a blotter and glass )


How long does a carrot seed typically take to germinate?


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