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Title Author Grade level
 "Island of Blue dolphins"   Scott O’Neil    K4 to K6th


Historical Fiction


Summary of the story :
 Story of a young girls survival and growth as the sole survivore of her tribe left on an island off the coast of California. The main character is a girl named Wonapalei, and her secret name is Karana (all the people of Ghalas-at have secret names)







Possible Design Challenges:

Pg 1 “We had gone to gather roots that grow there in the spring.… I went on digging in the brush with my pointed stick.”

Engr_ Identify and explain the appropriate materials and tools (e.g., hammer, screwdriver, pliers, tape measure, screws, nails, and other mechanical fasteners) to construct a given prototype safely.
Life science-
Identify the structures in plants (leaves, roots, flowers, stem, bark, wood) that are responsible for food production, support, water transport, reproduction, growth, and protection

Pg 9.  Perhaps I should tell you about our island …

Our island is two leagues long and one league wide, and if you were standing on one of the hills that rise in the middle of it, you would that that it looked like a fish.  Like a dolphin lying on its side, with its tail pointing toward the sunrise, its nose pointing to the sunset, and…”

Wonderful opportunity to learn about Math units, creating a map, compass and creating a foundation to log locations ( the villages, springs, caves, etc. ) and interpret locations  as the story progresses. 


Pg40  Design a skirt of Yacca fibers or some substitute material
Pg 61  Design a way using simple machines to get the canoe on the side of the hill down into the water without hurting or damaging the canoe.
Pg 77 design something with the lumps of pitch she found on the shore.
  This novel is based on the true story of Juana Maria, the "Woman of San Nicolas Island", a Nicoleño Indian left alone for 18 years on San Nicolas Island, one of the Channel Islands off theCalifornia coast, before being discovered in 1853. By this time Juana Maria was the last known member of her tribe, and was unable to communicate with anyone she met on the mainland. She lived with the family of George Nidever, one of the men in the group that found her, but died after only seven weeks.


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