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On the far side of the mountain




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Title Author Grade level
  On the far side of the mountain   Jean Craighead George   3rd to 5th


Fiction, chapter book


Summary of the story :
   “On the Far Side of the Mountain,” by Jean Craighead George, is the wonderful sequel to the Newberry Honor Award winning “My Side of the Mountain.”

When Sam Gribley ran away from New York, his goal was just to live his own life in the quiet Catskill Mountains. Gradually he learned how to live not only off nature but with nature. Now Sam's sister Alice has joined him at the mountain farm, and is living in a tree house nearby.

Their idyllic life is completely turned around, however, when a conservation officers confiscates Frightful, Sam's hunting falcon. He says that only licensed falconers are allowed to own endangered raptors such as Frightful. Then Alice suddenly disappears, leaving a series of cryptic messages in her wake. As Sam follows Alice across the Catskill Mountains it becomes more and more obvious that both Frightful and Alice could be in danger.






Possible Design Challenges:
  • Design an electric generator for the water wheel.
  • Design an energy efficient house
  • Create a way to catch game for their food


 “On the Far Side of the Mountain” is an excellent continuation of the series ( “My Side of the Mountain,”), featuring the same wonderful writing style, plucky characters and nature scenes.  “On the Far Side of the Mountain” is a book that nature lovers will enjoy.


  Prepared by  Bill Wolfson.  Copyright © 2011
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